Distant seagulls

Seagulls against a misty Toronto skyline.

This image was a result of an assignment from the class I’m currently doing; the idea was to produce more of an environmental picture of seagulls, giving a sense of the open and quite harsh conditions in which they live in the winter (even a mild one as we’ve had this year).

Having the Toronto skyline looming out of the mist in the background gives a reminder of the encroachment of the man-made environment upon the natural one.

Seagull against the Toronto skyline

Seagull, Toronto, skyline, lake

This image was taken on a beautiful sunny afternoon in the middle of March last year; I had done a walk along the lake-shore to Rattray Marsh and was heading back to the car – although it was beautifully sunny and the water was crystal clear, it was also d**n cold (to use the technical meteorological term) and strategic bits of me were starting to freeze.

Seagulls were out and apparently having a lovely time swooping around and catching the occasional hapless fish in the lake; I walked to the end of a small breakwater to see if I could get a half decent shot.

A mixture of bad technique, slow reactions and a slightly basic autofocus (mainly the first two!) meant that my hit-rate was lousy, but I did get this image, which I rather like.