Distant seagulls

Seagulls against a misty Toronto skyline.

Image EXIF Data

  • Date Taken: 07 Feb 2016, 15:39:11
  • Camera: NIKON D7000
  • Focal Length: 120
  • Aperture: f/4.5
  • ISO: 1000
  • Shutter Speed: 1/1000 second

This image was a result of an assignment from the class I’m currently doing; the idea was to produce more of an environmental picture of seagulls, giving a sense of the open and quite harsh conditions in which they live in the winter (even a mild one as we’ve had this year).

Having the Toronto skyline looming out of the mist in the background gives a reminder of the encroachment of the man-made environment upon the natural one.

2 Comments on “Distant seagulls

  1. At first I wondered: “seagulls?”. But zoomed in a lot and met some surfing the waves. I think you’ve captured something here, Bill, with no harm done. In social media vernacular, ” like ++” !



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