For Fox Sake…

Before heading for Canada, I had read all about the abundance of raccoons about the place; it was possible to get the distinct impression that the country was knee-deep in the things.

It was therefore slightly surprising not see a single raccoon for almost a year after arriving in country, despite looking for the things (living in a block of flats probably didn’t help the quest though).

The UK doesn’t have raccoons, but our nearest equivalent is the urban fox (Vulpes vulpes – the Red Fox); these things have become extremely comfortable around towns and cities in much the same way as raccoons.

During my last trip home, I managed a few decent sightings of the local resident foxes, that live somewhere beyond the end of my parents’ garden. Unlike many types of wildlife, high-level fieldcraft was not really needed – the things are remarkably relaxed around humans!


This one has clearly had an eventful life thus far, as indicated by the fine collection of scars on its muzzle.

Much easier for me to find than Canada’s raccoons…!