Red-Tailed Hawk

Red, Tailed, Hawk

Image EXIF Data

  • Date Taken: 07 Oct 2011, 20:07:00
  • Camera: NIKON D7000
  • Focal Length: 400
  • Aperture: f/5.6
  • ISO: 450
  • Shutter Speed: 1/1000 second

Being from England, the sight of any bird of prey larger than a kestrel is a rare treat (unless one is driving down the M40 where the magnificent Red Kite is making a come-back); we have a deplorable history of killing off anything much scarier than a pigeon.

Happily, Canada still has quite a lot of its more impressive wildlife more or less intact; a nice example is the Red-Tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis), which is a fairly common sight, even in the urban areas – these chaps may even have benefited from the spread of humans.

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